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In the mid 1920's, RADIO was still in its infancy. "I don't hold with it" a displeased man said, "I don't hold with furniture that talks!".

RADIO has come a long way since then.
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Early in the last century, a great invention was born. It brought speech and music from far away, and offered a new kind of entertainment for young and old alike. People could now listen to shows and opera on the "wireless" from the comfort of their home, while they performed miles away in the studio or on stage. It was a time when radio was the "hi-tech" invention of the day, when radio was the center of attraction in every home, when radio was king!

Eclipsed by television as the main entertainment at home, radio has taken a secondary role as a provider of background music and company. Gone are the days when families would cluster around an imposing wooden tube radio, and rebellious teenagers would play rock 'n' roll on a tiny transistor radio. Still, old radios are all around us, reminding us of the times in which they were created and used, and giving us a glimpse of who we were and how we lived. Once discarded to attics or disposed of, these objects from the past have attracted a large community of avid collectors and nostalgia buffs, who admire them for what they truly are: works of art!

My Interests
My fascination with radios started at an early age. I can recall times when the radios in our house were the objects of my secret and rigorous inspections. With curiosity turning into a hobby, I filled my room with electronic parts and magazines, and devoted a lot of my time to building and testing my own sets, sometimes to the point of neglecting my school work! Today, I still enjoy this great hobby, but my interests have broadened to include collecting antique tube and transistor radios and recorders, and listening to foreign programs and music on my homemade and commercial shortwave receivers. Visit the radio background page to read more about my radio interests.

On The Menu
Radios, radios, and more radios, carefully photographed and displayed here for your viewing pleasure! Start your journey at the tube and transistor radio pages, and witness half a century of radio art and ingenuity. Next, visit the homemade radios page to look at some of the sets I have built over the years. Continue on to the world band receivers page to see the analogue and digital sets that bring me the world. Finally, take a few moments to discover my new collection of reel-to-reel recorders, precursors to the already obsolete cassette recorders. And if you are in a hurry, head to the showcase page to access the entire collection from easy to navigate pull-down menus.

More To See
Don't like radios? There is more to see! Visit the interests page and read about my formal education, job, computer skills, and interest in classical music and 19th century impressionist painters. Or check out the pencil drawings I made when I was a kid, before I got addicted to radios. And before you leave, visit the Lebanon page to view some nice pictures of Lebanon.

Contact Me
If you have any questions about radio homebrewing, collecting or even website design, them to me, I will try to answer them as fast as I can. Also, I like to know who visits here, so PLEASE, take a few moments to sign the guest book to let me know who you are and if you liked my website and collection, and to relay any suggestions or comments you might have.

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A short history | My radio background | Homemade radios | Tube radios
Transistor radios | World band radios | Kit radios | Reel tape recorders
My other interests | Pictures of Lebanon | Radio links
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